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Wakespeed, Intelligent Engine-Based Charge Control.

Wakespeed is leading the charge in RV, marine, and commercial transportation applications. Offering smart DC charge control systems, Wakespeed's advanced alternator regulator, the WS500, is the first of its kind and delivers unsurpassed quality and performance, allowing you to charge smarter.

WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator from Wakespeed Wakespeed WSPHVAN.3THERM Positive Van Wiring Harness for P type Alternators
Wakespeed WS500/PH-M12 Wiring Harness Wakespeed WS500/PH-CAN Wiring Harness Wakespeed 500A/50mV Shunt
Wakespeed 500A/50mV Shunt
Base Price: $69.95
Wakespeed WS500-LT-K Temperature Sensor Kit Wakespeed WS500-BT-K Wakespeed CAN Adaptor / M12
Wakespeed WS500-AT-K Wakespeed WS to VE Cable Wakespeed WS500-DT-K
Wakespeed WS to VE Cable
Base Price: $29.95
Wakespeed WS500-USBC-3 Wakespeed WS500-OTG-Micro USB Wakespeed Waterproof RJ45 Cable Ends
Wakespeed WS500-USBC-3
Base Price: $21.95
Wakespeed RJ45 Cover Caps Wakespeed 48V/12V Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter
Wakespeed RJ45 Cover Caps
Base Price: $19.95