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Nations concentrates on the needs of our customers and what's trending in mobile electronics. With our extensive line of professionally engineered dual alternator mounting kits combined with our sophisticated alternator design there has never in history been a better design to give our clients a dependable clean mobile electric power that is compatible with the latest battery technology. Vehicle manufactures have stepped up their offerings to be versatile for either leisure or commercial applications & Nations has recognized & responded to the need to adapt these applications to meet our clients desires.

Why run dual alternators?

What if you had a separate charging system dedicated to the additional accessory load? By running dual alternators you can do just such a thing, and doing so leaves the factory charging system intact doing what it was intended to do, running the vehicle while the secondary alternator carries the additional accessory load.

  • The factory alternator does what it is designed for, recharging the factory battery and supporting the factory electrical needs.
  • Dedicated charging system for your separate electrical system
  • Compatibility with smart regulators to monitor and protect the alternator and batteries.
  • Professionally engineered bracketry to adapt to modern engines
  • High charge at idle
  • Faster recharge of batteries saving time and fuel
  • Generator replacement- using your existing engine with a Nations Alternator gives you unlimited power without adding any additional fuel or engine
  • Reliability- Nations has the experience and quality to last under the harshest conditions
  • Available in 12, 24 and 48 volt configurations to suit your needs