180HP High Amp Alternator for a 2007-UP Dodge Ram Pickup 6.7L Diesel
180HP High Amp Alternator for a  2007-2019 Dodge Ram Pickup 6.7L Diesel

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Fits 2007-2019 with 6.7L

The Denso Hairpin 180 Amp HP series high output alternator produces 180 amps at 1800 engine RPM and 120 amps continually at low idle while capable of up to a 75% generation efficiency. The rectifier is mounted onboard the alternator and consists of 12 40 amp press fit diodes. The brush holder assembly and slip ring are environmentally protected and the bearings are heavy-duty, oversized premium bearings. The alternator housings are precision-machined cast aluminum and all components are of OEM quality. All components have been carefully chosen for maximum performance and reliability in Dodge Ram vehicles with the 6.7L

Quick Overview

Mounting Type Direct fit to OEM Mounting
Output Voltage PCM Controlled
Idle Amperage 120
Hot Idle Amperage at 200F 120
Max Amperage 180
Hot Max Amperage at 200F 160
Positive Output Stud Size 8MM x 1.25 Copper
Temperature Compensation Yes with 3-Step Thermal Protection
Rectifier 12 40 amp press fit diodes
Rectifier Heatsink Copper
Pulley 7 Groove Hard Anodized 6061 Billet Aluminum
Doesn't affect vehicles PCM, Check Engine Light or Charge Light Yes - Direct plug-in OEM PCM Compliant
Warranty Duration 1 Year Standard Replacement
SKU 11378-180-HP


This new charging system features an advanced proprietary stator winding of a new design that maximizes efficiency with near 80 percent sectional density of the winding coupled with very low coil resistance. This gives the alternator maximum low speed output, as well as a 90% reduction of magnetic pulsation with the stator windings built in cancel circuit to minimize electrical noise. The internal regulator is a proprietary design advanced multifunction digital regulator that completely integrates into the Dodge Ramís PCM through the OEM wiring harness to retain all the Dodge Ramís specific functions such as internal temperature compensation, lamp terminal monitoring, load response control, and alternator load factor.


The Denso Hairpin 180 Amp HP series alternator is specially designed to mount directly in the OEM mounting location of the Dodge Ram with no modification needed. All electrical connections shall be in the original locations. The alternator features a custom machined drive pulley for increased output at idle speeds and retains OEM belt length. The pulley is 7 Groove Hard Anodized 6061 Billet Aluminum and hard anodized coating for wear resistance and durability.


The 2000 Dodge Ramís OEM alternator is rated approximately at 100 amps with 65 amps at idle. The Denso Hairpin 180 Amp HP series high output alternator produces 120 amps at the true operating idle level of a Dodge Ram with the 6.7L engine. The 2000 Dodge Ram needs approximately a maximum of 100 amps to supply existing electrical loads with all accessories on leaving little room for additional accessories. The Denso Hairpin 180 Amp HP series high output alternator will supply an additional 55 amps of available output at hot idle output, and 55 amps additional at cold idle output, and up to 80 amps at highway speeds. By upgrading to the Denso Hairpin 180 Amp HP series high output alternator, the Dodge Ramís computer systems and accessories will be supplied with adequate power when itís needed most.


The Denso Hairpin 180 Amp HP series alternator is manufactured to the highest quality standards in the USA with premium USA made or sourced components for the highest quality possible. All of our high output alternator's parts are carefully chosen for the maximum durability, dependability and proven performance in the field. This DC Power High Output Denso Hairpin 180 Amp HP series alternator has been specifically designed for the Dodge Ram 6.7L which in return will provide a pain-free installation.

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